Color Tolerancing 101: Understand Color Tolerances like an Expert


Duration:60 minutes


Attend this webinar to master the basics of color tolerancing. Why is tolerancing so critical to accurate color? Even when using spectral data and tolerances to quantify color, customers can still disagree on the color. To ensure expectations are clear and everyone is aligned, it’s important to select and use the right tolerancing method.

What you will learn:

  • How to ensure color consistency within a production run
  • Ways to minimize lot-to-lot variability
  • How to select the right tolerancing method
  • Tips on setting an achievable tolerance

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Tim Mouw

Tim is the manager of the Applications Engineering and Technical Support Team for X-Rite in the Americas. Tim is a member of SPE, has presented papers for SPE, ACA (formerly NPCA/FSCT), and ISCC. Tim has also taught several short courses for ACA.

Tim’s career in color began in 1976 with Diamond Vogel Paints while attending college. In 1981 he joined BASF in the pigments and colorants division, working with inks, paints, and plastics. In 1994, Tim joined X-Rite as an Applications Specialist. In 2006, Tim assumed his current role. In his time at X-Rite, Tim has taught over 300 courses on color to an audience of over 5000 students across North & South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.



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Color Tolerancing 101: Understand Color Tolerances like an Expert
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