LFL Process Monitoring For Safety, Compliance, and Cost Savings

On Demand until October 10, 2020

Duration:60 minutes


In this webinar we’ll discuss the importance and advantages of proper LFL/LEL monitoring in process heating applications. Every year excessive increases in LFL levels result in severe plant damage, extended downtime, injuries and even death to personnel. Using the correct analyzer to monitor the LFL level in the process can greatly reduce these risks. Compliance with standards and insurance requirements is also a concern that can be addressed with the right analyzer. The good news is that the appropriate LFL monitor will not only protect your plant and personnel while keeping you in compliance with the relevant codes, it can also increase the profitability of your production process. This webinar will help guide you through this process.

Learning objectives:

1) Gain an understanding of LFL monitoring in process oven and dryer applications.

2) Understand how unexpected increases in LFL content in a process can occur and the best ways to prevent it.

3) Understand what the relevant authorities say about LFL monitoring and how to meet those standards.

4) Understand how an effective (appropriate) LFL monitor can actually increase a company’s profitability.

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Chris Grieshaber

Chris Grieshaber has a Bachelor of Science degree from Rutgers University, Chris has been in the analyzer business with Control Instruments for over 15 years. In that time he’s worked with a diverse client base worldwide in evaluating their applications and determining the best sensor for their application.


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