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Don’t miss the chance to learn all about Teva api Pharmaceutical Cocrystals.
Our R&D experts will introduce fruitful knowledge regarding Targeting, Selecting and Regulating for success.
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In this webinar You will learn:

✔️  How to define cocrystals, and which measurable technics can be useful for formulation?
✔️ The advantages of cocrystals compared to amorphous and alternative salts.
✔️ Regulatory considerations, including FDA vs EMA guidelines and much more!

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Tami Ben David

content writer

Teva api

M Anantha Rajmohan

Senior Manager


Head of Physical R&D India at Teva api, and has been at Teva since 2015. Altogether, he has 17 years of experience in Pharma. Anantha is an expert in solid state and polymorphism, including polymorph screening and the characterization of complex APIs. He has a MA in Chemistry from St Joseph's College.

Dijana Škalec Šamec

PhD, Senior Group Leader Physical R&D

Teva api

Senior Team Lead within Teva's Physical Characterization department, and has 18 years of experience in the industry overall. She holds a special interest in polymorph, cocrystal and alternative salt screening and has a great passion for creating new polymorph/salt targets. In her free time, she enjoys hiking and running, and is always happiest when she is spending time with her family.

Maytal Piran



Head of Global Physical R&D, and has been working at Teva api for 13 years. She leads a global team of product managers and researchers, specializing in solid states, API crystal forms, and particle & powder properties. She has a PhD. in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University.
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