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Title: Productive, Self-Service Data Science

Date: 6/30/2020

Time: 11:30 AM PDT

Duration: 60 minutes


Data science is a core part of an organization’s digital transformation strategy.  The algorithms the data science team creates are key to reducing the amount of time key stakeholders spend on manual processes and low-level decision making. Benefits to this approach include; reducing redundant requests, streamlining communication, reducing onboarding time and making valuable knowledge on the data searchable to the entire data science team. 

To create those algorithms, data scientists need high-quality, trusted data.  American Family Insurance has more than ten million active policies and processes more than one million insurance claims per year.

In this latest Data Science Central webinar, discover how American Family Insurance’s use of the Alation Data Catalog is enabling more productive data science outcomes with trusted, curated data.

Sean Kappes, Data Science Engineer - American Family Insurance
Raja Perumal
, Data Architect - Alation

Hosted by: 
Stephanie Glen, Editorial Director - Data Science Central

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