Climate Smart Consumption

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Start Date: Thursday 21st September 2023

Start Time: 14:00 CET

Duration: 180 minutes


Shoppers often say they want ‘greener’ food and drink, but don’t always act with sustainability front-of-mind. Addressing barriers to climate smart consumption will be key to achieving food system transformation. Consumer demand is also a crucial piece of the food tech puzzle, with pioneers banking on us innovating our way out of the climate crisis. Are Europeans hungry for lab-grown food?

How are brands signalling their sustainability credentials, and is it working?
From eco-labels to carbon claims, the sustainability credential toolbox is growing. Which strategies are most effective in communicating to consumers, and which are struggling for impact? Is industry capable of ‘nudging’ consumers towards sustainability?

Pioneering the protein transition for the future
Swapping out conventional proteins for climate friendlier alternatives has the potential to lower a brand’s carbon footprint significantly. How are innovators rethinking ingredient production for the masses? Can they truly compete with their predecessors on nutrition, functionality, and accessibility?




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