Climate Smart Production

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Start Date: Wednesday 20TH September 2023

Start Time: 14:00 CET

Duration: 180 minutes


Feeding growing populations within planetary boundaries means producing more, with less. How can food and beverage makers increase output with fewer natural resources? From making the switch to ‘green’ energy to implementing water saving strategies and rethinking packaging design, we analyse the initiatives decarbonising production.

Water scarcity and food production
It has been suggested that the next world war will be fought over fresh water. Food production is a massive guzzler, with an estimated 240m litres required per second to produce enough food for global populations. We ask where water inefficiencies are most prevalent and analyse strategies promising to reduce reliance on this valuable natural resource.

Diving into the blue economy for sustainable nutrition
The ocean covers more than 70% of the surface of the planet, but provides just 2% of overall calorie intake for humans. Is this a missed opportunity? From algae-based protein to reimagined seafood production, we explore new opportunities for oceans and lakes to nourish growing populations, sustainably.




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