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This educational webinar from will highlight the most critical trends in the burgeoning intersection between electronic commerce (e-commerce) and manufacturing. Raj Kumar will be joining us to kick off the webinar with a discussion of the broad trends that are making e-commerce a necessary addition to an already-growing contingent of enterprise-level software solutions. What are companies doing wrong, and what are they doing right? Is it all about the cloud, or integration between e-commerce and other enterprise-level software system? And what about the other side of the aisle — other manufacturers who need better methods of procurement? We’ll get to the core of where these questions are converging.


During the second portion of the presentation, a roundtable of e-commerce experts will continue this discussion and offer their perspectives on ways manufacturers can integrate their ERP and CMS systems into fully-fledged e-commerce solutions, and on the opposite end, how procurement people can best utilize these new advances via procure-to-pay or automated purchasing systems. Our panelists will also cover:


  • Highlights in the process of rolling out a new e-commerce system to enable better collaboration with partner manufacturers.
  • Sensible ways that manufacturers can utilize new technologies, such as cloud-based e-commerce systems, to enable the highest level of functionality and supreme reliability.
  • Best practices for procurement specialists in navigating the new revolution of e-commerce systems
  • The benefits of implementing developments in purchasing, such as purchasing cards, particularly in light of more suppliers rolling out comprehensive e-commerce systems.

At the end of the presentation, our panel will answer critical questions from audience members during a live Q&A session.


Enabled Commerce: Dealing with manufacturing e-commerce from business to business

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