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Major Hurdles to Overcome to be CECL-Ready


Duration:60 minutes


Current expected credit loss (CECL) represents the biggest accounting standards change in years. While large banks can potentially better adapt to this rule, other financial institutions may face challenges to be CECL-ready.

This webinar will address the potential hurdles and how TransUnion’s CECL Credit Loss CalculatorSM, created in partnership with EXL Service, can help you through this transition.

    We’ll discuss:
  • Data assessment: The need for granular data on loan originations, a comprehensive snapshot of current portfolios and a longer history to analyze losses over the life of loans
  • Forecasting approaches: The approaches that exist depending on portfolio size, loss rates, and changes in portfolio composition and performance—and why some may work better than others
  • Credit cards and revolving products: The challenges posed by the CECL guideline that losses from undrawn portions of credit lines need not be considered in reserve estimation for credit cards and revolving lines
  • Macroeconomic scenarios: The impact these conditions can have on loan losses and why it matters when estimating reserves

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Manish Jain

Vice President, EXL Service, EXL Service
Manish has in-depth expertise in the risk and regulatory area for banking and financial services clients. During his professional career, he has worked with five of the leading banks around the world. He has led large client projects in the areas of CCAR / DFAST submission, CECL, Basel and other regulatory reporting, model governance and model development. He has helped banks evolve their CCAR/DFAST submission process by moving from segment-level models to advanced, loan-level models, automating model monitoring and forecasting process and preparing documentation for senior management, model governance group and regulators. In the last couple of years, he has been involved in creating a roadmap for banks to prepare for CECL.

Gretchen Tan


Director, Consumer Lending, TransUnion
Gretchen is the Director for Consumer Lending Market Strategy at TransUnion. She is focused on the medium- to long-term needs of TransUnion’s credit union, bank, traditional lender and FinTech customers. Through research and conversations with experts in the industry, she seeks to understand the market, reviews trends and identifies ways that TransUnion can address varied customer requirements. Over the past few years, she has worked on creating new solutions that meet emerging market needs. She is the CECL product lead at TransUnion, working with EXL Service to develop a solution that will help lenders comply with CECL in the most efficient and effective way.

Vikas Sharma

Practice Lead, Banking Analytics, EXL Service

As Practice Lead for EXL’s Banking Analytics practice, Vikas helps top US banks in standing up large risk analytics capabilities and applying data analytics to solve core business problems faced by the clients. His current focus is on helping clients integrate cutting edge advancements in Machine Learning, Big Data and Robotics Automation to increase efficiency and effectiveness of their risk management practices.

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