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Proactive Health: Combining Healthy Halos and Science

Start Date:17 April, 2019

Start Time:4 PM CET

Duration:45 minutes


There can often be a disconnect between what consumers perceive as healthy in a food or beverage, what science shows is healthy, and what claims can be made.

How can you deliver on-trend foods with a strong health halo, while ensuring consumers get the health benefit they expect from a product?

Join us for the Kerry Health and Nutrition Institute ‘Proactive Health’ webinar, where we will share original research that explores answers to questions such as:

  • Which health or functional benefits (e.g. digestive health, sleep, mood) do consumers want most, from their food and beverages?
  • What are the high opportunity categories? What foods or dayparts should be the focus for different benefits?
  • Which ingredients have strong health halos among consumers for each health benefit?
  • Does scientific evidence support these healthy halo perceptions?
  • What are some innovation strategies to develop products that meet both consumer expectations as well as real health benefits through science?

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Dr Michael Kemp

PhD, RD, Nutrition Manager, Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Kerry Taste & Nutrition

Dr Michael Kemp is a PhD Nutritional Sciences and Registered Dietitian, and is the Nutrition Manager for Kerry Taste & Nutrition, North America. He is responsible for investigating the mechanisms behind the health benefits of nutrition and translating those findings from the “lab bench to the park bench”. He has led R&D efforts for natural brands in the food and dietary supplement industry and has deep expertise in the healthcare and performance nutrition industries. He is also an expert in physician/practitioner nutrition education and corporate health and wellness.

Dr Lisa Ryan

BSc PhD, RNutr, Head of the Department of Natural Sciences, GMIT


Dr Lisa Ryan has a first class honours degree in Nutritional Science and a PhD in Nutritional Biochemistry from University College Cork in Ireland. Dr Ryan helped to establish the BASE (Be Active Sleep & Eat) Research Facility at the Monash University in Melbourne Australia. She is widely published in the area of functional foods. Dr Ryan also has a keen interest in Sport and Exercise Nutrition outside of her formal academic role. Current Role: Head of the Natural Sciences Department in the School of Science and Computing at GMIT.

Robin Wyers

Chief Editor

CNS Media

Robin Wyers is a leading international commentator in the food and nutrition business. As Editor of the leading journal The World of Food Ingredients and Innova Market Insights, he has made food formulation, food design and regulatory matters accessible to a wide audience who rely on his insights in over one hundred countries.

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