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Service providers and CBRS: Where’s the Opportunity?

Start Date:5/18/2020

Start Time:11:00 AM EDT

Duration:75 minutes


Mid-band spectrum is like a treasure in the United States, where there isn’t enough of it and everybody wants it. That’s why the big wireless carriers, some cable companies, and even some smaller wireless players have all indicated that they’re interested in participating in the CBRS auctions in July. What are the parameters for the spectrum auctions? What might cable companies do with the spectrum in terms of their MVNO arrangements? How will the big and small wirelesscarriers use the spectrum? Will service providers join in the fray to build private wireless networks?

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Claude Aiken

President & CEO


Claude Aiken is the President & CEO of WISPA. He serves on the FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee, the Commerce Spectrum Management Advisory Committee, and as a Senior Fellow at New York Law School. Prior to joining WISPA, he served as a trusted advisor to FCC Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner Clyburn, and held senior leadership positions in the FCC’s Wireline Bureau and Office of General Counsel. He was named a Rising Star by FierceWireless in 2018.

Mike O’Rielly


Federal Communications Commission

Michael Scardina

Director of Network Strategies and Technologies

Armstrong Group

Michael Scardina, PE is a member of the Technology & Innovation team at Armstrong, where the customer goal is Life Made Easy™. As Director – Network Strategies & Technologies, Mike’s responsibilities include IP, transport, voice, last-mile, and customer CPE network architectures, solutions development, product technical development and evaluation, short and long-term technical roadmap, and exploring both traditional and non-traditional cable MSO solutions. In his 20 years in the telecommunications industry, Mike has held various roles in ILEC/CLEC telephone, cellular wireless, and cable MSO.

Stephen Rayment

VP, Technology Solutions


Stephen is responsible for technology strategies in Ericsson North America’s radio Networks team. He has a particular focus on new spectrum and services including CBRS. In a prior life, he led the definition and delivery of innovative carrier Wi-Fi solutions. He has 40 years of product experience in the telecommunications industry. He has been active in industry standardization, holding officer roles in IEEE 802.11, the Wi-Fi Alliance and now board membership in CBRS Alliance. He is author of over 80 patents world-wide. Stephen holds a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering, and a Diploma in Administration, is a Life Member of the IEEE and a lecturer at Carleton University.

Chris Pearson


5G Americas

Chris Pearson is the President of 5G Americas. In his executive role, he is responsible for the overall planning of the organization and providing management for the integration of strategy and operations in the areas of technology, marketing, public relations and regulatory affairs. Mr. Pearson earned a Master of Business Administration degree from The Albers School of Business and Economics at Seattle University.

Linda Hardesty


Fierce Wireless

Linda Hardesty is editor-in-chief at Fierce overseeing the telecom group comprised of FierceWireless, FierceTelecom, and FierceVideo. She's been a trade journalist since the mid-1990s covering the business and technology of telecommunications networks. Prior to Fierce, she wrote for SDxCentral, Communications Technology/CableFax, and Cable World. She can be reached at lhardesty at questex.com

Joe Madden

Principal Analyst

Mobile Experts

Joe Madden is Principal Analyst at Mobile Experts LLC. Mr. Madden provides most of the business analysis behind our forecasts, as well as primary research in semiconductor areas. Over 26 years in mobile communications, he accurately predicted the rise of Digital Predistortion, Remote Radio Heads, Small Cells, and the Mobile IT market. He validates ideas with mobile and cable operators, as well as hardware suppliers to find the match between business models and technology. Mr. Madden holds a Physics degree from UCLA. Despite learning about economics at Stanford, he still obeys the laws of physics.

Mark Poletti

Director of Wireless Technologies


Mark Poletti is the director of wireless technologies at CableLabs a non-profit research & development lab funded by the global cable industry. He is responsible for wireless R&D activities across fixed, mobile and emerging wireless technologies for the secure delivery of high-speed data, video, voice and next-generation services. Prior to joining CableLabs, Mark built, managed and operated 2G, 3G (CDMA) and 4G (WiMax) networks for US WEST and Clearwire, respectively. He also focused on mobile operator design, operations and performance issues of 2G, 3G, 4G, and satellite networks for over 20 years with companies including ViaSat, Clearwire, ATECS/Centerline, US WEST/Qwest, and General Electric. Mark holds a Master of Science degree in telecommunications from the University of Colorado, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from the State University of New York at Buffalo. He has multiple issued and pending patents.

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