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COVID 19 Temporary Facilities and Surge Analysis

Start Date:4/20/2020

Start Time:2:00 PM CDT

Duration:45 minutes


HGA has been a part of several COVID 19 temporary facility projects over the past 4 weeks. This work includes facility conditions assessment, patient bed surge analysis, temporary care facilities for the US Army Corps of Engineers and prefabricated modular solution that is being implemented across the country.

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Cory Powers



Cory is an engineering principal with a background in mechanical design, having specialized in plumbing, medical gas and fire protection systems. A ready source of knowledge and information, Cory provides leadership, planning and coordination to make sure clients receive long-term benefits for their investment. He focuses on sustainable outcomes, researching and analyzing available and new technologies that provide energy-efficient, long-lasting and cost-effective solutions.

Jill Imig

Plumbing Engineer


Jill has vast experience in the design of plumbing systems for healthcare, corporate, and educational buildings. She works closely with the architectural and interior design teams to ensure proper coordination and deliver projects on time and on budget. Jill provides plumbing system design and layouts using AutoCAD and Revit, and coordinates with all disciplines to select systems and equipment that best suit the client’s needs, considering cost, efficiency, and sustainability. In addition, she is highly involved with the Medical Gas Professional Healthcare Organization and the American Society of Plumbing Engineers, including serving on the ASPE Wisconsin Board of Directors for the last seven years.

Kyle Weisman

Project Manager


Collaboration is at the core of Kyle’s work as a project manager. Establishing strong communication and trust between all team members , he fosters an environment of team collaboration and integration through all phases of design. Kyle leverages his strong leadership skills, technical background, and healthcare experience to lead the client, architectural, engineering, consultants, and construction teams to deliver innovative design solutions that positively impact the patient, family, and caregivers while also meeting a project’s schedule and budget requirements.

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