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Persistence of the Undead: If Digital Identity is Transforming, Why am I Still using Passwords

Start Date:7/14/2020

Start Time:12:30 PM MDT

Duration:25 minutes


Speaker: Maxine Most, David Harding

Yes, we can all see the digital identity transformation taking place before our eyes. Those of us in tech, with a front-row seat. And yet, every day we continue to rely on passwords and pin codes. Even as they sit underneath tokens or biometrics accessed via our smartphones or laptops.

Consensus is coalescing around what the general user experience of a truly identity centric technological ecosystem ought to be – intuitive and friendly, task appropriate levels of friction, user control and ownership of PII.  So, the questions hanging in the ether … When will passwords truly die? Or when will digital identity become the organizing principle of IT infrastructure not the vision of the future?

Join us for a dialogue between two digital identity pros that have been having this conversation over coffee and drinks for the better part of a decade. We will use this conversational format to evaluate the state of the market and the practical realities of implementing the digital identity revolution as we discuss and debate the following:
  • Where are we in the journey towards truly identity centric IT i.e. killing passwords one and for all? 
  • What are the technological, societal, and regulatory requirements & roadblocks?
  • What technology and solutions can we leverage? Which need to be abandoned?  What new the pieces are needed?
  • Is anybody close to doing Digital Identity right, today?
  • What must we do in what timeframe to deliver on the promise s of Digital Identity – e.g. intuitive and friendly, task appropriate levels of friction, user control and ownership of PII.?

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Maxine Most


Acuity Market Intelligence

C. Maxine Most (“Max”) @cmaxmost is the founding Principal of Acuity Market Intelligence, a strategic research and analysis consultancy recognized as the definitive authority on global biometrics market development. Throughout her 30+ year career, Max has evangelized emerging technology on five continents. Since 2001, she has focused on biometric and digital identity markets where she has earned a stellar reputation for innovative thought leadership and a proven ability to accurately anticipate market defining trends. Max is also the author of numerous research reports, has contributed to several books, offers insight and analysis in on and off-line publications, is regularly quoted in industry, business, and consumer press, and presents globally at industry events on the evolution of biometrics and digital identity markets. She is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego with a multi-disciplinary degree in Mathematics and Computer Science and minors in Visual Arts and Economics.

David Harding

Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer

ImageWare Systems, Inc.

Mr. Harding is a self-proclaimed “ technology and biometrics nerd”. As the VP & CTO of ImageWare Systems, he has spent the last 10 years leading an international team of engineers in the development of cloud-based, biometric identity management software products that have been deployed in mission critical applications around the world in the areas of enterprise security, finance, retail, healthcare, airport security, military and law enforcement. Mr. Harding brings 20 years of public company experience in executive management, raising capital in public and private equity markets and increasing investor value. He has over 25 years of professional software development and leadership experience in bringing products to market. As an inventor and thought-leader, he holds multiple patents with over a dozen pending.

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